CHSP Lesson 1

  1. Where (in my home) can I place this donation box? Locate the location and place it there.
  2. Who can invite to contribute to the donation box? Make a list, contact those you have identified, and create a plan to collect the items that will go in the box.
  3. What date(s) can I put on the calendar to drop this box off for donation?  Will it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly? Put the date on your calendar. Communicate it to the others who are contributing.
  4. Is this a practice I can take outside the home to a group?  To my meetings, my church, my family or holiday get togethers? Identify others who might be able to contribute as well.
  5. How can I be creative about this?  Can you decorate the box, create a newsletter to send to those contributing, make posters, make a ritual of it such as dropping it off with loved ones then going to a special place for a meal or coffee or something else? Make a list and create a plan. Communicate it to the others participating in this task.