What’s the State of Your Well-Being & Resilience?

1. Am I Feeling Stuck?

Do I often feel like I’m in a rut, lacking motivation or direction in various aspects of my life?

2. Do I Experience Persistent Stress?

Is stress a constant companion, impacting my overall well-being and ability to handle daily challenges?

3. Are My Relationships Fulfilling?

Do I find satisfaction and connection in my relationships, or do I struggle with communication and understanding?

4. Is My Work-Life Balance Healthy?

Do I feel a sense of balance between my professional and personal life, or is one aspect significantly overshadowing the other?

5. Am I Struggling with Self-Esteem?

Do I have a positive self-image, or do I often find myself battling feelings of inadequacy or low self-worth?

6. Do I Face Procrastination Challenges?

Is procrastination a frequent obstacle, hindering my ability to achieve personal and professional goals?

7. How Well Do I Handle Setbacks?

Do setbacks and failures deeply affect my confidence and motivation, or am I resilient and able to bounce back?

8. Do I Experience Overwhelm?

Am I consistently feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed, possibly indicating a need for change in various aspects of my life?

9. Is Personal Growth a Priority?

Do I actively seek opportunities for personal growth and development, or do I feel stagnant and resistant to change?

10. Are My Habits Supporting My Well-Being?

Do my daily habits contribute positively to my physical and mental health, or are there patterns that may need adjustment?


Reflecting on these questions can provide valuable insights into areas of your life that may benefit from tools and information regarding personal growth. It’s essential for you to get honest with yourself and make a commitment to yourself on your journey towards becoming your best self and your personal well-being.

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