Review of Goals – Achievable and Realistic

Week 9:  Review of Goals – Achievable and Realistic

Reviewing the achievability of your goals is an important step in setting yourself up for success.  Make sure you have:

  • Clearly defined your goals and made them specific
  • Assessed our resources and whether each step and timeline is realistic
  • Identified any additional steps that need added in to make the goal achievable
  • Evaluated your skills and capabilities
  • Considered potential obstacles and identified potential alternatives
  • Broke down each task and milestone to be attainable
  • Sought feedback or advice if needed
  • Monitored and adjusted as you progressed
  • And most importantly you have prioritized your tasks and goals


Creating a mental image or picture in one’s mind is an important tool that can be used in so many areas of life!  From problem-solving to performance enhancement and through modalities such as hypnotherapy to meditations, there is evidence that visualization is important.  Visualization:

  • Helps us clarify our goals by creating a clear mental image of what we want achieved, the desired outcome, and increases motivation and focus making it more likely to take action towards those goals.
  • Improves performance by rehearsing our actions and having an image of successful outcomes.  It improves our skills, builds confidence, and reduces anxiety.  The brain has no idea if something is real or imagined and athletes, musicians, and performers have used this skill for many years and many more successes.
  • Is a powerful tool for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.  Guided imagery can improve mood and enhance overall well-being.
  • Can help think more creatively and find innovative solutions to problems.  By visualizing different scenarios and possibilities we learn to problem solve, gain new perspectives, generate ideas, and make better decisions.
  • Creates a positive mindset and self-belief by seeing ourselves achieving our goals and overcoming challenges.  This cultivates a sense of confidence, resilience, and optimism.
  • Has been used as a complimentary therapy in healthcare settings.  When we visualize our body’s healing process or imagine positive health outcomes, we can reduce pain, improve immune function, and build hope.

Dr. Joe Dispenza <link to book> wrote many books and has many videos and other tools after he experienced a medical catastrophe.  He was riding his bike when hit by a SUV and as a chiropractor himself, he understood the extent of the damage to his spine but refused to have surgery recommended by physicians.  Dr. Dispenza talks about how he himself would have recommended specific procedures to his own patience if they were in the same situation.  But instead he opted to visualize and meditate on putting his own spine back together one piece, one vertebrae at a time.  He experienced a full healing and now leads meditations around the world.

Regardless of all of this…it simply can’t hurt to try!  Imagine yourself in that new job, attending school, enjoying the company of a loved one you have mended a relationship with; imagine floating in your pool or living in the house of your dreams.  Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing yourself in your best shape and wearing your clothes well.