Setting Goals

Week 8:  Setting Goals

  • Setting SMART goals – Specific & Measurable
  • Goal-setting exercises

Now to set time-oriented, obtainable goals in the first four sections of your chart which include relationships and mental & physical health.  Begin at the first page of Family Relationships and set a date to do each task.  Be specific and remember these dates are not written in stone but are goals and markers for accomplishments.  You might want to enroll in classes but find that you need pre-requisites in order to enroll and find yourself taking a couple classes (which by the way is what happened to me!).  Make sure you are not putting most of your due dates heavily during one month, season, or week. 

Taking the last example I gave from the previous exercise of “installing a pool”, breaking it down might look like:

  • Saving $10,000 over the next year to install a pool  starting date:  1/1/24
  • Researching tax issues, land ordinances                                 starting date:  2/2/24
  • Pricing pool installation companies                                         starting date:  3/3/24
  • Pricing patio pouring companies                                              starting date:  4/4/24
  • Buying lawn furniture                                                                  starting date:  9/1/23 (sales!)
  • Join the YMCA                                                                              starting date:  5/5/24
  • Taking swimming lessons at the YMCA                                   starting date:  6/6/24
  • Installing the pool and patio                                                      completion date:  7/7/25

I suggest each morning or every Sunday you get into the habit of crossing off accomplished goals, changing dates if necessary, setting reminders on your phone to do these tasks, and share your goals with someone for more accountability.